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Accenture (2016)
Accenture is committed to the well being and inclusion of their LGBTQ+ employees globally and supports them through the Allies network, in which all employees can come together to learn about LGBTQ+ related topics, as well as by, for example, granting same sex couples the same benefits as other couples at all geographies.
Accenture BeLux is glad to be able to show this support also by participating in Open@Work, to be inspired and inspire through experiences and ideas sharing with other organisations. This is part of our strategy to contribute to a more diverse workplace and society, in which every individual has a place and is respected and valued. See some examples of how we support inclusion & diversity here. The link I have embedded is: https://www.accenture.com/be-en/about/inclusion-diversity-index

Actiris (2019)
As a socially responsible employer, Actiris wants to implement a diversity policy model. Participation in the labour market is an important vector in the creation of an inclusive society. The vision of Actiris as the Public Employment Service of the Brussels Region is based on the will to offer citizens quality services that contribute to the employment of job seekers in Brussels. By reflecting the diversity of our target groups in the Actiris workforce, we can better respond to the needs of the labour market.
As a member of Open@Work, Actiris aims to provide an inclusive workspace for all. We want our working environment, our HR policy and our organizational culture to take into account the needs of everyone. Actiris also wants to position itself as an inclusive Brussels employer open to all.

Ansell (New member 2023)
Ansell is a leading player in the field of durable and high-quality safety solutions for personal protection. The company aims to protect people worldwide and create safe, healthy, and productive work environments. With over 12,000 employees in 55 countries, Ansell has a strong global presence and cultivates a culture of international cooperation.
Ansell recognises the value and benefits of a diversified and inclusive workforce. Our Brussels facility has over 35 nationalities, 48 different origins and more than 15 languages spoken out of a total workforce of around 250. We strive for an inclusive culture where employees feel at home and are encouraged to take advantage of all opportunities to develop. Diversity is about recognising and valuing employees with different backgrounds, abilities, perspectives, and experiences.
Within the EMEA-APAC region, we have three major Diversity, Equity and Inclusion working groups working around different themes: Culture & Generations, Gender Diversity and Disability & Neurodiversity. These working groups are led for and by employees and aim to create awareness, enable dialogue, and set up concrete actions and/or guidelines. LGBTQ+ is therefore an important part of this!

Arcadis (2021)
Arcadis appreciates the value inherent in a diverse workforce and an inclusive work environment: more holistic and informed decision making, higher performance and innovation, increased employee engagement and a better reputation in the marketplace.
At Arcadis, we value the differences between people and the contribution these differences make to our business. Our diversity and inclusion programmes aim to develop an open and inclusive workplace that fosters diversity of thought at all levels of the organisation, with the goal of fostering employee engagement and better meeting the needs of our clients.
Most importantly, in keeping with the Arcadis value of integrity and our keystone behaviour: We value each other, we are committed to ensuring that all employees feel valued, included, and treated with respect and dignity – it is a business necessity and our responsibility.

AXA (2020)
For years, Diversity and Inclusion have been part of AXA’s DNA and corporate culture. We are against all forms of discrimination and actively promote inclusion because we believe that by being able to be ourselves, we work better together. We work on several themes, including sexual orientation and gender identity.
AXA Belgium participates in Brussels’ Pride and is a proud member of Open@Work. This allows us to learn more about how best to include our LGBTQ+ colleagues and allies, and we can offer them the opportunity to expand their network and participate in conferences.

Bain & Company Belgium, Inc. (2021)
Bain has been investing in diversity, equity, and inclusion for more than 30 years, and our affinity groups are an expression of that commitment. A significant portion of Bainies identify with at least one, many identify with multiple, and everyone here celebrates their importance to our culture.
Pride at Bain (Pride) is an affinity group for those who identify across the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer spectrum at Bain. We are a community that is intersectional, supportive, diverse, and wonderfully vibrant. We provide tailored support across our diverse members, including mentorship and programs that create pathways for success inside Bain. We take great pride in the meaningful bonds this group creates, and the vast contributions LGBTQ cultures make across the organization.
Beginning with our early affinity communities, we have expanded into a wide range of comprehensive programs to create a culture of inclusion where every Bainie can thrive. That support happens at the office level, regionally, and globally, and we’re continuously on the lookout for new potential groups and partnerships. Being part of Open@Work is a great example of this and a nice opportunity to join forces in making the workplace more inclusive. You can learn more about our diversity, equity and inclusion report here: https://www.bain.com/about/further/diversity-equity-inclusion/dei-report/

Bank of NY Mellon – PRISM (2022)
BNY Mellon SA/NV has become a member of Open@Work as we believe that the goals of the network are aligned with our goals and by working together, we can help to create inclusive working environments for members of the LGTBQ+ community in Belgium and beyond.
At BNY Mellon, doing what we do well requires building the best global team with each of us empowered to leverage our differences to make unique contributions, create new value, deliver extraordinary service, and grow our business. Our Employee Resource Group for LGBTQ+ inclusion – PRISM – has a mission to promotes LGBTQ+ inclusion for the benefit of all colleagues and the firm through workplace activities and external engagement. Membership is open to all employees.
By engaging our leaders, employees, external alliances and the community, PRISM strives to achieve an environment where:
– LGBTQ+ people are welcomed and valued and can reach their full potential.;
– a committed management team is educated, capable and willing to influence support and advocate for PRISM, our LGTBQ+ employees and the broader LGBTQ+ community;
– there is greater visibility for LGBTQ+ management and next generation leaders, both internally and externally and,
– there is an authentic and committed group of Allies who are fully engaged in the LGBTQ+ issues at BNY Mellon.

Belfius (2022)
We joined this network to enhance LGBTQ+ inclusion. This year, we want to start up an LGBTQ+ network, with the tips & tricks of other members that have built a strong network. Furthermore, we want to pick other members’ brains on other topics to enhance our policies and practices. With the knowledge of Open@Work we will keep on learning and growing towards LGBTQ+ inclusion, to network, and learn from other organizations but also inspire them.

Belgian Defence Rainbow Community – BELDEFRAC (2019)
The Belgian Defence Rainbow Community (BELDEFRAC), the LGBTQ+ non-profit organisation of the Belgian Defence, aims to build an LGBTQ+ community, improve the visibility of LGBTQ+ personnel within the organisation and ensure a safe and inclusive workplace for our LGBTQ+ personnel.
One of its tasks is also to establish links with LGBTQ+ organisations that are socially active in the field of empowerment and advocacy.
Open@Work is for us one of these organisations where we can share knowledge and learn from the experiences of federal organisations and private companies.
We did not have to think twice about becoming a member.

BNP Paribas Fortis – Pride Belgium Network (2016)
Together with Accenture and KLIQ, BNP Paribas Fortis is one of the cofounders of Open@Work. Our vision? Inclusion and respect for all forms of diversity are essential levers for success and are perfectly in line with BNP Paribas Fortis’ values, both internally and in our relationships with our clients.
Within our bank, BNP Paribas PRIDE Belgium (one of the 22 national PRIDE networks of the BNP Paribas Group) operates as a professional, non-community network that is open to all those who are LGBTQ+. Our goal: to contribute to the creation of a professional and social environment in which everyone feels at home and can do their thing. Regardless of sexual orientation, identity, or gender expression.
This building a positive, open, and inclusive future for employees and clients is in line with two of BNP Paribas Fortis’ key values:
– Make life easier: we promote the well-being of LGBTQ+ people by helping to develop an increasingly inclusive work environment. A place of respect and appreciation, where LGBTQ+ employees feel safe and not fearful of consequences for their well-being at work or their careers.
– Enable people to grow we organise fun events (conferences, forums, lunches, evenings, etc.) and help raise awareness among managers and employees about LGBTQ+, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and biological sex. And we assist BNP Paribas Fortis, and in particular HR, in its policy to strengthen LGBTQ+ diversity, including with our clients and prospects.

bpost (New member 2023)
bpost is a strong supporter of diversity, equality, and inclusion. We want to be an employer of inclusion and equal opportunity where all people, regardless of ethnicity, social background, religion, gender, age, or disability, visible or not, feel welcome and valued.  Our 25,000 employees in Belgium reflect the society in which we operate, and their diversity is an important asset.  We have already set several milestones for inclusion: the “100% respect” action and the Pride2b working group. The latter focuses specifically on the inclusion of LGBTQIA+ employees. We are pleased to have joined the open@work network, with respect for all.

Brussels Environment (2021)
Brussels Environment attaches great importance to respecting and promoting diversity. Our objectives are to represent the entire population of Brussels and to ensure that all our actions benefit everyone equally.
Whether in terms of disability, gender, cultural origin, sexual orientation, conviction or age, we want to become an exemplary administration in terms of inclusion and the fight against discrimination. We are also convinced that our human resources management policy can help to correct existing societal inequalities. Furthermore, as a public authority, we are at the service of the entire population. With this in mind, we ensure that the services we provide are accessible and benefit everyone, regardless of gender, social and cultural background, sexual orientation, disability or other factors.

Brussels Fiscal Affairs (2020)
At Brussels Fiscal Affajrs, not only does every citizen of Brussels count, but also every employee. As a Brussels public administration, we strive for a “representative” composition: our staff should reflect society as closely as possible. In this way, we can offer the citizen a better service. Social evolutions regarding sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression have not escaped our attention. That is why we have been a member of Open@Work since 2020. We want to show internally that everyone has the right and the opportunity to be themselves. We also want to increase our practical knowledge and experience within the personnel department. Externally, we want to give the signal that we embrace diversity by taking part in the Belgian Pride Parade via Open@Work. Because at Brussels Fiscality we believe that being yourself is essential for a healthy work environment.

Brussels regional public service (GOB/SPRB) (New member 2023)
Diversity, in its broadest sense, has gradually become a major and omnipresent issue in Brussels society. Even today, issues such as poverty, migration, integration, ethnic fractures, inclusion, sexism, discrimination, reasonable accommodation in the workplace, queer rights, gender identity and many others regularly make the headlines and arouse keen interest among all social players. Brussels continues to face complex and persistent problems of integration and social inequality, requiring the mobilisation of all the driving forces in our Region, including our institution.
Our Region plays a major economic role in the country, but it also stands out for its great regional diversity, making Brussels one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. With a multitude of employers, both private and public, it is essential that all these institutional and economic players harmoniously integrate the diversity of Brussels, which represents real potential for the future. It is with this positive outlook that the Brussels Regional Public Service (SPRB) is building on the richness of Brussels’ diversity to make it an essential asset for its smooth operation and the quality of the services offered to Brussels’ users. The SPRB is firmly committed to diversity, as demonstrated by the appointment of a full-time Diversity Manager and the creation of a Diversity Unit responsible for implementing a biennial Diversity Action Plan, in close collaboration with our internal Diversity Support Commission.

Deloitte – GLOBE (2019)
Deloitte Belgium is proud to be a member of Open@Work. We believe that developing supportive networks is essential for our goal of fostering a diverse and inclusive environment and our purpose of making an impact that matters.
In 2019, we established GLOBE, our internal network for LGBTQ+ employees and allies to lead initiatives, celebrations and conversations about diversity and inclusion. Networks like Open@Work and GLOBE play a key role in ensuring that our people feel able to be themselves at work and have the same opportunities to develop and succeed. This commitment to inclusion enables our organisation to attract and retain people who contribute unique perspectives, celebrate, and learn both in and outside of work, and contribute to our organisation, clients and communities.

égalité (2022)
Egalité –an association for LGBTI+ staff working within the EU institutions– was founded in 1993 with the purpose of combating any form of discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or sex characteristics. It seeks in particular to ensure that LGBTI+ colleagues (including same-sex couples) are treated without discrimination within EU bodies and institutions, and that they have a support network; it also campaigns for LGBTI+ rights in Europe.
Over the years since it came into being, Egalité has achieved a great deal in fields such as the recognition of same-sex marriages and partnerships, the granting of welfare benefits to same-sex couples and the framing of EU legislation to take into account LGBTI+ concerns. Current areas of activity include awareness-raising within the workplace and addressing the needs of ‘rainbow’ families and of LGBTI+ staff working in delegations outside the EU.

Euroclear (2022)
As part of our Environment/Social/Governance (ESG) approach, at Euroclear we are committed to fostering an inclusive culture. Euroclear is a company with over 80 different nationalities and people from many different backgrounds and cultures. We believe that inclusion is critical to business success. Euroclear strives for an environment where everyone is free to be themselves, be heard and have the opportunity to grow in their chosen career paths.
To establish this inclusive culture, we focus on removing barriers which prevent people from feeling truly represented. We encourage our people to become involved in our many different D&I initiatives and we currently have five employee run Communities. In 2022 we established a group Euroclear Proud Network with the mission to increase awareness and visibility around the LGBTQ+ community, its rights, and issues.
We have joined Open@work with the intention of learning from the experiences of LGBTQ+ communities in other companies. Together, we aim to foster an inclusive work environment in Belgium and promote this example to the other locations in which we are present.

Eurostar (New member 2023)
Eurostar, the new company combining Eurostar and Thalys, aims to carry 30 million passengers a year by 2030 and become the benchmark for sustainable travel in Europe. With a fleet of 51 trains, Eurostar offers the largest international high-speed network in Western Europe, serving 28 destinations in Germany, Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. For almost 30 years, Eurostar has been crossing borders. The new Eurostar aims to go even further, breaking down barriers, doing away with stereotypes, and tackling discrimination. We believe that diversity and inclusion are the heartbeat of Europe

Expert Academy (2021)
We believe that through training and coaching, anyone can become an expert in their profession or field. Our employees have a heart for the LGBTQ+ community and are driven professionals who want to pass on their passion and experience so that you can grow professionally and successfully achieve your goals. Developing your talent is our passion. Website: www.expertacademy.be

febelfin (New member 2023)
On #InternationalComingOutDay, 2023, Karel Baert, CEO, signed the #OpenatWork Charter, with a strong message of inclusion for employees and clients of all sexual orientations and gender identities.
The financial sector is one of the first to organise itself to accelerate the progression of inclusion among members. With initiatives to promote gender equality, via Wo.Men in Finance (www.womeninfinance.be ), to increase attention to multicultural inclusion, via Multicultural Bankers (www.multiculturalbankers.be ) and more generally to encourage inclusion, limit impact of biases, reduce frequency of micro-aggressions via our Inclusion in Finance toolbox (www.inclusioninfinance.be ).
Inclusion is also key to employees identifying as LGBTQIA+.
Coming out remains difficult at work. Even when 70% of employees identifying as members of the LGBTQIA+ community mention to our Febelfin / Open@Work survey that they are out at work, 25% mention that they are only “partially” out, which means a permanent dilemma and stress.
At Febelfin, we will keep working on awareness, on sharing practices, on encouraging our member institutions to progress on the inclusion path. We will encourage our member institutions to act, to develop internal networks or Employee Resource Groups, and to join Open@Work themselves.

GSK – SPECTRUM network (2019)
Spectrum is a GSK Employee Resource Group that celebrates the inclusion of all people regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.
Our mission is to provide a supportive, nurturing forum for GSK’s employees, across the spectrum of sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.
We support GSK’s gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, and straight ally employees, and work with GSK to increase the awareness and understanding of issues and concerns that impact them.

ING – Rainbow Lions Belgium (2019)
At ING, we promote diversity not just because it is the right thing to do. We promote diversity because we can’t deliver on our strategy without it. Diversity is essential for our business because different perspectives drive innovation, accelerate growth, and lead to more robust decisions and outcomes. The Rainbow Lions is one of the D&I employee networks of ING Belgium. Their focus is on the LGBTQ+ community, their friends and allies. They are on a mission to support all employees and ING to create the right conditions for a trusted and safe working environment globally. They do this by actively promoting LGBTQ+ inclusion and awareness among ING management, employees and the public through internal and external workshops, membership in diversity organizations such as Open@work, participation in LGBTQ+ benchmarks, HR policy assessments and much more.
Want to know more?
Website: https://www.ing.jobs/belgium/why-ing/diversity-at-ing.htm
E-mail: RainbowLions.BE@ing.com

Johnson & Johnson – Open&Out (2021)
Johnson & Johnson and all its operating companies are committed to workforce diversity, creating equity across our systems, and fostering and advancing a culture of inclusion. We know that bringing diverse backgrounds, cultures and perspectives together drives innovation that helps us to solve today’s complex health problems.
J&J’s Open&Out is a global network of LGBTQ+ and Ally individuals who are open-minded and out to make a difference by creating safe and inclusive workspaces, fostering healthier communities, and empowering our employees. The group has chapters in J&J offices around the world and is driven by representatives in each country. We have a clear mission to champion the full inclusion of people from the LGBTQ+ community within Johnson & Johnson as well as in the communities we serve, and we encourage individuals to involve themselves as much as possible to show support for their LGBTQ+ colleagues.

KBC (2022)
At KBC, our corporate culture, which lies at the heart of our identity, is strongly connected with the value of ‘respect’. As a matter of fact, treating each other in a respectful and responsible manner is a core value we apply both to our customers and amongst colleagues. We stimulate a culture where we are all free to be ourselves, to share our opinion and where an open mindset prevails.
At KBC we embrace inclusion and have a clear ambition to increase diversity in our organisation. That is why we established Proud@KBC, a ‘personnel organisation’, with the aim to create a safe space for LGBTQIA+ colleagues and allies to connect and share experiences, but also to create awareness around certain topics.

Legal Diversity & Inclusion Alliance – LDIA (2019)
Members of the Legal Diversity & Inclusion Alliance commit to build a diverse and inclusive workplace in which everyone benefits from equal treatment and opportunities, irrespective of race, ethnic or social origin, gender or sexual orientation, age, disability, language, religion, political preference, or any other grounds of personal discrimination.  LDIA currently consists of 50 law firms. 
Our commitment to diversity and inclusion takes the form of a pledge to eliminate discrimination in the workplace, to promote an inclusive organisational culture, and to take tangible actions to fulfill the goals outlined in our charter. 
These are: building a cross law firm alliance, focusing on diversity and inclusion; exchanging good practices on diversity and inclusion; raising awareness of non-discrimination and diversity issues by combining efforts in organising events, workshops, training sessions, etc. working to create a diverse and inclusive work environment.
We strongly believe that combining our efforts will greatly aid our progress towards achieving these goals.
Website: https://legaldiversityalliance.be/
Contact: info@legaldiversityalliance.be

Linklaters (2019)

Luminus (New member 2023)
As a producer and supplier of energy and services, Luminus has been investing in sustainable development for many years, in ethical, social and environmental terms. Luminus’ Code of Conduct and corporate social responsibility policy have always included respect for diversity. Today, Luminus is going further, with positive actions in favor of equity and inclusion, to promote the well-being of every colleague. We believe that diversity is a precious asset and that equity and inclusion are a necessity.  These cardinal values, which we want to share, are essential if we are to express our creativity, develop our full potential and contribute to the success of our organization.
Being a member of Open@work is a commitment to our colleagues in the LGBTQIA+ community, to support them, while at the same time being part of a network that offers us the opportunity to exchange and share so that together, with our different experiences, we can improve our working environments and contribute to a better society.

Page Group (2022)
Open at Work seems to be the right place to exchange ideas, learn from the others and moreover meet inspiring people to open our mind. Page Group is willing to be part of this and part of a meaningful association where the values meet the reality. Page Group is working on the internal awareness of LGBTQ+ population and would like to become 100% inclusive company where people can be 100% themselves at work!

Pfizer (2021)
At Pfizer, we embrace diversity and inclusion every day. It is an integral part of our culture. We encourage our people to express and function in ways that are consistent with who they are and how they identify among others, in terms of gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation. To ensure that our colleagues can grow in a safe environment, CRG networks are crucial, and therefore we have and are proud of our OPEN network.
This safe, diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment within Pfizer will not only allow every colleague to thrive and be the best authentic version of her/himself, but it also reflects the variety and diversity of patients Pfizer is aiming to serve across the world.

Procter & Gamble – P&G Gable (2020)
More than 30 years ago, a group of P&G employees started a movement that would leave a profound and lasting impact on our company—the inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community into P&G’s corporate equality efforts. As a result of their efforts, on September 15, 1992, P&G formally changed its diversity statement to explicitly include sexual orientation and paved the way for the later inclusion of gender identity and expression—an important step forward that only 3% of Fortune 500 companies had taken at the time.
Today, we remain committed to creating a culture of respect that attracts, retains and develops outstanding and diverse LGBTQ+ talent that also reflects our global consumers. As a company, and a community, we strive to engender an environment where people across the LGBTQ+ spectrum feel valued and where we leverage our differences against common goals to act as force for growth and a force for good in the world.
Examples of how we are championing LGBTQ+ visibility globally can be found here: https://us.pg.com/lgbtq-visibility/ .

Project B

Proximus (2021)
It is no secret that Proximus attaches great importance to diversity and inclusion at the workplace for many years now. As a company, we believe it is important to keep this embedded in our culture and to let our employees know that they can be whoever they want to be. While the choice to talk about gender and sexuality remains a personal one, we strongly believe that people will truly blossom if they feel they do not have to be afraid that others might judge them. In order to reinforce this mindset and define our guidance regarding LGBTQ+ people, Proximus joined “Open@Work” in order to benefit from its expertise to show its openness to diversity and inclusion towards its employees and towards society, and let everyone know that within Proximus, it is possible to be yourself.

PwC – Shine (2021)
At PwC, we’re committed to creating a fully inclusive workplace where everyone can be themselves, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, intersex, asexual and self-identifying people (LGBTQIA+). This is not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because an inclusive workplace enables us to embrace diverse backgrounds and perspectives to create better outcomes for clients and society.
We’ve set up multiple networks within the PwC network, such as 🌈 SHINE for LGBTQIA+ and the global, PwC Europe and EMEA diversity and inclusion (D&I) communities. These networks organise various virtual and in-person activities to create an inclusive culture.
Shine is PwC’s LGBTQIA+ diversity network. This name reflects our vision to create a friendly and inclusive workplace for our LGBTQIA+ colleagues and allies. Every day they bring their authentic selves to work at PwC and Shine shows them that they are not alone. We bring into the spotlight the most important topics of our LGBTQIA+ colleagues.

SAP (New member 2023)

Toyota Motor Europe (2022)
At Toyota, everybody matters. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is a top strategic priority for us. With our collective and sincere efforts, we aim to build a rich and diverse organisation that reflects society, and to achieve true inclusion.
Elevating the voice of our diverse workforce is central to our strategy. A major driver and catalyst for change are our employee-led networks. They provide a warm, welcoming safe space for under-privileged groups and allies, raise awareness by organising events and activities, and advise DE&I policies. The networks are open to anyone who would like to join, to take an active role of volunteer or simply support occasionally.
Toyota Motor Europe’s LGBTQI+ group “All Colors of the Rainbow (ACOR)” started working in 2020. With more than 500 followers and a strong team of volunteers, ACOR organizes events like Pride Week and IDAHOT in Toyota locations across Europe. More info : Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Toyota Europe (toyota-europe.com)

Trainbow Belgium (2022)
We are an association of LGBTI+ volunteers working for the Belgian Railways (Infrabel, SNCB, HR Rail) and their subsidiaries. We all have something in common: we are committed to respecting diversity and we oppose all forms of discrimination in the workplace. We are LGBTI+ and  we love trains and everything about them. Our heart beats for respect for diversity and for the railways. Our association is made up of a mix of colleagues working in various job categories in all the entities of the Railways: from the SNCB train driver to the engineer and signalling staff of Infrabel to people working in HR.

UCB – UCB+ (2020)
UCB+ is UCB’s global LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group, founded in 2019, which aims to contribute towards an open, inclusive, and safe environment for the LGBTQ+ community at UCB, where everyone feels equal and valued regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.
UCB+ aims to create awareness internally, leverage diversity of thought, increase UCB’s reputation as an employer of choice, and shape an attractive and diverse workplace for current and future talent.
UCB+ equally provides an inclusive platform for allies who recognize that people perform better if they can be themselves.
E-mail: ucbplus@ucb.com

UPS (New member 2023)
UPS celebrates the contributions of all LGBTQ+ employees and allies in June and throughout the year. We believe employees are at their best when they feel genuinely supported by their co-workers and leaders. We work hard to create a welcoming environment where everyone can bring their truest selves to work every day.
While “You belong at UPS” is our rallying cry, supporting the LGBTQ+ communities and their allies is far more than a shout out – it’s about showing up day in and day out to serve as allies and advocates. UPSers put in the work behind our words. 
·  Over the past two years, The UPS Foundation invested more than $1.2M to advance initiatives supporting the LGBTQ+ community globally, including organizations like the Human Rights Campaign and StartOut.
·  In 2022, UPSers volunteered almost 10,000 hours to support the LGBTQ+ community.
We believe every employee should come to work every day feeling respected, valued, and included. We stand with our LGBTQ+ employees and are committed to providing them with a welcoming, supportive culture so they can thrive.
We are committed to supporting employees who identify as LGBTQ+ and their allies. The Pride Alliance Business Resource Group, chaired by Laura Lane, EVP & Chief Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Officer, gives UPSers a safe space to embrace all parts of identity and live more authentically, while also feeling better connected to their community. There are 12 chapters across the U.S. and four additional chapters located in Canada, Belgium, Nordics region and the United Kingdom.
Pride is about lifting up the voices of those who are often marginalized and/or unseen. At UPS, we see our LGBTQ+ employees, suppliers, and customers, we hear them, and importantly, we stand in solidarity alongside them.

VO Group (New member 2023)
We are a communications group that plays on the chords of our complementary expertise to give institutions and companies a more distinctive and harmonious voice and to fine tune their relationship with their audiences. But we also provide them with the score on which they can draw to perform well in the face of new questions and conundrums, and to engineer the transition towards a more responsible society that feels good about itself.
Our strength: we capitalise on our creativity and look at the bigger picture; we constantly devise new, original and powerful methods of communication to serve the needs and future challenges of our clients, while engaging citizens and stakeholders.  
Our services: we steer our clients through the maze of advice and strategies all the way through to implementation, while ensuring communication in all its forms (events, graphic, digital, artistic and technological media), including content creation.
At a time when crises are coming thick and fast, in an era of digitisation and at the dawn of the age of artificial intelligence, we at VO want to play our role in building an authentic society that is at peace with itself, one based on deeper values that we all share.
As players in the transition to a more responsible, sustainable society that focuses on the human factor, on making life meaningful and on nurturing social ties, we act daily to bring about change.  
Tomorrow’s society will depend on our actions today.
VO – Today for tomorrow