Board Members

Christophe De Mey – Treasurer
Mandate as president, coordinator and/ or an administrator function in several npo (present /past) of which:
(former) President & administrator (fin) function in local LGBTQI+ sportsclub
(former) Administrator function at Flemish LGBTQI+ umbrella organization Cavaria
(former) Co-founder & lead of LGBTQI+ diversity network at BNP Paribas Fortis
Co-founder & administrator (fin) function at Open@work

Freddy Van Eeckhout – Secretary
Mandate as chair, co(founder), manager, secretary, member and/or volunteer in several networks, npo and organizations (present/past) of which:
Executive Board Member Proud@NATO, informal LGBTQI+ network NATO – Dec 2019 – Present
Executive board member Open@Work vzw – Mar. 2019 – present
Co-founder & member of the Belgian Defence Rainbow Community – May 2016 – present
Diversity Manager for the Belgian Defence – July. 2004 – Aug. 2020
Founder .beproud! The federal SOGIE network – Dec. 2016 – Dec. 2019
Chair the Federal Diversity Network – Feb. 2015 – Dec. 2019
Secretary Fédération Arc en Ciel npo, a French-speaking LGBT association – Jan. 1995 – Jan. 2019
Volunteer Ex Aequo, a French speaking AIDS prevention organization – 1995 – 2010

Kat Van Nuffel – Communication
Mandate as chairman, (co-)founder, member and/or volunteer in various networks, non-profit organisations, and associations of which:
Executive board member Open@Work
Founder & President Legal Diversity & Inclusion Alliance (LDIA)
Member AmCham D&I task force
President of Active Company Antwerp, LGBTQI+ sports club
Co-founder and president of WIJdames, an association for women who (also) love women
Executive board member L-Day Belgium
Volunteer at the Pink House Antwerp
(Former) board member Çavaria, theme work Women
(Former) Board member Antwerp Pride
Director of HR, Admin, Diversity & Inclusion (Brussels Office) at Steptoe, international law firm
I have been in the closet at work for a long time. When I finally found the courage to come out, I understood how important organizations are, that work for our community. Since 2012, I have been committed to helping bring about change and awareness. The need for role models is great, and if we think it’s not necessary to talk about it, change will never come. Not everyone has the luxury of being able to be themselves in their workplace. I like to stand up for them, for example during debates and panel discussions. With LDIA and Open@Work we want to make a difference by helping to create and maintain an inclusive workplace. Let’s walk the talk!

Sven Vandyck – Chair
Co-Founder and Chair of Open@Work and a true advocate for Inclusion and Diversity.
My personal objective is that talking about your sexual orientation at Work should have the same impact as listing the ingredients of a pancake.
In 2005 I graduated from the Catholic University in Leuven and decided that from that point on I would always try to be as open about my sexual orientation in front of my colleagues and employers.
So many years later I’m always very happy to hear from my ex colleagues that I was one of the first people who openly spoke about his boyfriend.
After many years of working for the government I joined Accenture, a company that takes I&D very serious and thus one of the reasons why I wanted the work for them. In 2015 I took up the engagement to (co-)lead the Accenture BeLux Pride Team and also sit in the Board of Directors of çavaria for the topic ‘workspace’ until 2018.
Together with a few people I founded the Open@Work network in 2015 which became a official non-profit organization in 2019.  The coming years I want to help this network further grow and support other companies and organizations in creating and maintaining an inclusive workspace.